Dividend Funds – Investing in a low-interest rate environment


Find all about the importance of dividends for the investors in our Sustainable Dividends Value Fund in the special in the RankiaPro Magazine.

RankingPro Europe Magazine, The magazine for fund professionals – Edition June 2024

Since early 2024, there has been speculation about the beginning of the easing cycle by the major Central Banks. In the face of this cycle shift, preceded by a cycle of interest rate hikes that left the nominal rate at record highs, investment portfolios will seek to pivot and change their exposure to different asset classes. SPECIAL Dividend funds, which invest in dividend-paying stocks, could emerge in response to this situation. Dividend funds could capitalise on interest rate cuts while offering investors diversification in the face of the rise and concentration of technology stocks, quality and stability

We should realise that dividends are not only a proof of profitability in the past, but much more a sign of confidence from the management in the future of a company

Simon van Veen, Fund manager Sustainable Dividends Value Fund

Source: Rankia Pro Europe, RankiaPro Magazine – Issue No. 18, June 2024



The fund

Sustainable Dividends offers an investment fund that invests in a well-diversified portfolio of European companies at the forefront of the sustainability transition. Our focus is on a disciplined investment process, while applying both qualitative and quantitative financial criteria.