Fund strategy

Invest with us in the best European companies for sustainable and growing returns.

Sustainable companies

Sustainable Dividends opts for stocks of sustainable companies with predictably profitable business models, strong balance sheets, regular dividend payments and committed management.

A disciplined process delivers additional returns at below-average risk. The fund selects high-quality stocks that are undervalued in the manager's eyes. The investment process is fundamental and bottom-up, aimed at building a concentrated, well-diversified portfolio of 20 to 30 European dividend stocks.


Selecting stocks

When selecting stocks, the manager uses six criteria: business model, valuation, financial health, dividend, shareholder focus and corporate social responsibility. All stocks are undervalued and have a market capitalisation of at least €100 million at investment.


The fund

Sustainable Dividends offers an investment fund that invests in a well-diversified portfolio of European companies at the forefront of the sustainability transition. Our focus is on a disciplined investment process, while applying both qualitative and quantitative financial criteria.