The investors in the Sustainable Dividends Value Fund saw the value of their investment decrease by 4.2% in the past month. This was due to disappointing quarterly figures for some of our investments and the general malaise in the stock markets. In the first half of the month in particular, fears about the consequences of the still high inflation were high. In the second half of May, positive reports from China about an approaching end to the lockdowns led to some recovery in prices. Nevertheless, at the end of the month there was still a drawdown for investors. The European MSCI Index fell by 0.8%. Since its inception in 2016, our fund has now delivered over 67% (+8.4% per annum after charges), versus 44% for the MSCI Europe (+5.8% per annum).



The fund

Sustainable Dividends offers an investment fund that invests in a well-diversified portfolio of European companies at the forefront of the sustainability transition. Our focus is on a disciplined investment process, while applying both qualitative and quantitative financial criteria.