The Fund will be managed by Sustainable Dividends BV as sole manager of the Fund. The Manager is responsible for the entire management of the Fund in accordance with the provisions of the Fund’s organisational documents and applicable laws. Sustainable Dividends BV is a private limited liability company under Dutch law having its official seat in Heemstede and its office at Spaarnzichtlaan 8, 2101 ZM Heemstede, the Netherlands. The Manager is registered in the Trade Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 69701121. The Manager will manage the Fund and identify, originate, structure and implement Investments for the Fund. The management board of the Manager consists of Simon van Veen, Jasper Oeberius Kapteijn and Frank Dankers.

Simon van Veen has a broad experience in investing. Over the last 20 years he has been active within the investment industry in several different roles. He started his career in 1997 as a private banker for Rabobank managing both equity and fixed income portfolios. After joining ABN AMRO Asset Management he first worked as a trader gaining in-depth knowledge on different financial markets. From 2004 onwards he worked as a portfolio manager managing High Dividend Equity funds and mandates for ABN AMRO Asset Management, Fortis Investments and BNP Paribas Asset Management. Since the start of 2016 he manages the Sustainable Dividends Value strategy. Simon van Veen has master degrees in economics and financial analysis from the Free University in Amsterdam. He has got a registration as a Certified International Investment Analyst since 2001.

Jasper Oeberius Kapteijn has a broad experience in client relationship management, business development and investing. He has been active in multiple roles within the financial industry. He started his career in 1996 as investment advisor with Robeco and held similar positions later in his career with ABN AMRO and Van Lanschot. Jasper Oeberius Kapteijn was also active as a business developer and fund manager for asset management firm ForTomorrow. He has a master degree in corporate law from the University of Leiden.

Frank Dankers has been active in the financial sector for over 30 years. He worked for the Dutch Authority for the Financial Market (AFM) in the field of international supervision. As such he published several articles on financial regulations. Before joining the AFM he was research analyst and head of the mid-office at the Dutch office of AXA. Frank Dankers is a Chartered Compliance Professional (CPP) at the Dutch Compliance Institute (NCI). Furthermore he is a chartered investment analyst (RBA) at the Dutch CFA-VBA society. He has a master degree in History of International Relations of the University of Nijmegen.

Holger Weeda has investment experience since 1997. He started as a management trainee with ABN AMRO Asset Management, where he worked for 10 years as an investment strategist, investment analyst and portfolio manager. As of 2007 he was the lead manager in the Small cap & Country team. As of 2008 he worked as Head of Dutch Equity with Fortis Investments and BNP Paribas Investment Partners. In this job he was responsible for the Dutch equity strategy. During this period the Dutch Equity team worked extensively with the European Equity team and the High Dividend team. In 2018 Holger initiated the UNAF (Universeel Nederlands Aandelen Fonds) investment fund. As of 2019 he is co-manager of the Sustainable Dividend Value Fund. Holger Weeda has a master degree in econometris from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He has been registered as CFA® charterholder since 2002.

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