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The fund is managed by Sustainable Dividends BV. The fund manager is responsible for managing the fund according to the guidelines in the fund documentation, and applicable laws and regulations. 

Sustainable Dividends BV is a company that operates under Dutch law and has its office at Spaarnzichtlaan 8, 2101 ZM in Heemstede. The fund manager is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 69701121. 

The fund manager is responsible for identifying investment opportunities and buying and selling the investments in the fund. The fund manager's management team consists of Simon Van VeenJasper Oeberius Kapteijn and Frank Dankers.


The Sustainable Dividends Value Fund Legal Owner Foundation owns all rights and obligations of the fund. The main responsibility of the legal owner is to act as legal representative at the expense and risk of the fund and the investors in the fund.

In addition, the legal owner is authorized to sign all agreements concluded on behalf of the fund. The legal owner will only do this after instructions from the fund manager and will not act independently. The legal owner will only act in the interests of the investors in the fund. The legal owner is fully committed to the fund and will not engage in any activities other than the aforementioned activities. 

Stichting Legal Owner Sustainable Dividends Value Fund is a foundation under Dutch law and is registered in the trade register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.


The fund's custodians are Interactive Brokers (UK) Limited and Saxo Bank. The custodians undertake no other activities for the fund manager or the fund other than acting as custodians for the fund. 

Interactive Brokers (UK) Limited has its registered office in London and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA register number 208159). Saxo Bank has its office in Amsterdam and is authorized and regulated by the AFM (Financial Markets Authority). 

The Custodians are responsible for (i) safeguarding the Fund's assets, and (ii) for overseeing the Fund.


AssetCare BV has been appointed as administrator of the fund. They will provide financial, administrative and other services to the fund. 

Under the supervision of the manager, the administrator is responsible for the following matters: the administration of the fund's assets and obligations, the monthly calculation of the value of the fund and the value per participation in the fund. In addition, the administrator provides the necessary information to the manager of the fund and the participants.

The login for clients of the Sustainable Dividends Value Fund at the administrative portal of AssetCare is to be reached at:

AssetCare BV is located at Barbara Strozzilaan 310 Eurocenter I, 7th floor, 1083 HN in Amsterdam.

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